Building Quality Communications to Improve Stakeholder Relationships!

As a consultant in quality, I have the privilege of talking to lots of testing professionals about their problems and I’m always surprised how often the problem really boils down to communication. Reliability, validity, cut score studies, and stand setting are all important. The success of these psychometric niceties rests on effective communications with stakeholder.

Communication seems so obvious, why would we even need to discuss it? Last February, during my workshop on Improving the Quality of Your Certification Program, we were discussing the importance of communication to quality. We all agreed that lots of communication happens, but often communication doesn’t occur in an organized and deliberate fashion. As test publishers that use data all the time to evaluate our tests, we forget that communications with stakeholders are important data for planning and evaluating our tests and services. Every participant in the workshop develops their own follow-up project and Dania Eter from NCSBN chose to focus on communication for the NCSBN.  Click here to see more about the upcoming workshop in March.

The popularity and confusion about social media sites also became part of the discussion. So many sessions talk about using social media, but often social media is used in a haphazard way. We “have” to be on Facebook because it is the in thing to do – but what do we do with it? Georgia Patrick started talking to Dania and me about being purposeful in social networking, and the idea for developing some positive examples for effective communications in the testing industry was born.

Do you want to learn more about building quality communication programs? Dania Eter (NCSBN), Georgia Patrick (The Communicators) and I encourage you to attend our session on Monday afternoon, Feb. 27 during the Association of Test Publishers [MSOffice1] national conference from Feb. 26-29 at Westin Mission Hills, Rancho Mirage, CA.  Our presentation will give you just a little theory about why communication is essential and to move on to examples from the Certified Commission of Healthcare Interpreters, the NCSBN, the Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer, the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies, the Woodwork Career Alliance of North America, and the Security Industry Association.

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