Typical Client Results

Two Merrill Lynch Six Sigma teams won the gold and bronze awards in the 2002 Association for Quality and Participation Team Excellence Competition after our team coaching.

The New Jersey Department of Education Office of Specialized Populations has developed procedures for testing and measuring the progress of students with limited English proficiency. These procedures are consistent with the No Child Left Behind legislation and meet the needs of states and school districts. We helped the Department design the procedures by leading task force discussions, conducting standard-setting studies, consulting with publishers to obtain supporting statistical information, and providing psychometric advice.

A professional association significantly improved the effectiveness of their statistical quality control procedures by documenting and developing procedures and invoking a requisite healthy skepticism of data in staff. The documented procedures have been effective for training new staff and have been used to meet the requirements of ISO 9000.

The testing wing of a professional association provided validity information to their Board and constituencies, verifying that the procedures used by their test development staff resulted in test questions appropriate for the intended use of scores. This information was based on data collected from an independent panel of subject matter experts using process and data collection instruments of our design. We conducted the panel meeting, and the subsequent study report was well received by the Board. In addition, an external psychometrician audited the testing program and cited the project as exemplary.

foQus Management Consulting improved the quality of their recruiting process after our training in “Behavioral Interviewing.”

Quality Education New Jersey Training Team expanded its scope of service to include a consortium of 14 schools after we developed and implemented a process to define a training philosophy, identify training needs, identify risks of various approaches, and develop short- and long-term implementation plans.

A certification organization, during the transition from paper-and-pencil to computer-based testing, significantly improved their ability to produce high-quality tests and to meet production deadlines. We designed new item development, test development and production processes; developed quality control procedures to support the processes; analyzed the workload required for the new processes; evaluated the skills required in the new computer-based testing environment, trained supervisors in behavior interviewing, and helped identify and interview staff with the requisite skills; and redesigned the subject matter expert committee work flow and structure. An external advisory committee member complimented the effectiveness of the new test development staff during a board meeting.

As part of their continuous improvement program, a client developed a detailed design of their work processes, designed and initiated the collection of metrics to monitor the process, and set priorities for their continuous improvement program. We facilitated the leadership team in the development of team charters, trained teams on the use of quality tools, facilitated focus groups, conducted surveys, advised on change management activities, and conducted periodic status report meetings with the leadership.

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