Improving the Quality of Your Certification Program: A Learning and Planning Experience

Many of you have asked me where to begin improving your certification program. My usual “it depends” answer is not very satisfying – for either of us.

Of course, I follow up my “it depends” response with lots of questions and we can come up with an improvement plan. However, this individual work with you comes at a price, and many professionals have told me they would like to learn more about quality tools and techniques before embarking on a round-the-world quality journey.

I’ve heard your requests. Instead of going around-the-world, please join me in Longboat Key, Florida for two days of learning and planning the appropriate next steps to improve the quality in your organization.

This is not just a two-day event. The workshop will be followed by three months of investigation and discussion to come up with your final plan.

Some people who know me assume that when I talk about quality I’m going to talk about psychometrics. This is NOT a program that talks about psychometrics – how to conduct a job analysis, how to develop test specifications, how to write test questions, how to assemble a test, how to develop cut scores, or how to equate test scores. You can learn psychometrics at ICE, ATP, your state college or university, etc.

This program helps you to understand how leadership, standards, planning and design, and monitoring and improvement work together to create quality for your customer.

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Dr. Cheryl Wild is President and founder of Wild & Associates, Inc. Dr. Wild helps organizations improve their performance, using her expertise in process improvement, problem solving, outcome assessment, measurement and evaluation.

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