Continuous Improvement of Testing Processes

2011 Florida WorkshopCheryl L. Wild, Rohit Ramaswamy, and David Anderson presented a session at ATP on how a certification or testing organization can continuously improve their processes. To see the power point for this session, click here.  If this presentation was of interest, there are three ways you can learn more about the concepts.

First, this session was based on Improving Testing. You may want to read what others have said about the book at LINK. Although books are useful learning tools, they do not easily allow for exchange of ideas and discussion.

The second option is to participating in Improving the Quality of Your Certification Program: A Learning and Planning Retreat and Follow-Up, a learning and planning retreat with three months of follow-up resulting in a Quality Plan – your plan will apply quality concepts to your program.

In this program you will:

  • Prepare for the retreat through pre-reading, providing some background information concerning your organization and your needs, and participating in a pre-workshop interview.
  • Expand your knowledge during the retreat and plan your follow-up actions to expand your knowledge and inform your Quality Plan.
  • Collect information to inform your Quality Plan during the two months following the workshop.
  • Meet individually at least once a month with Dr. Wild by telephone to discuss progress and next steps in developing your Plan.
  • Meet once a month by telephone with other participants from your retreat and Dr. Wild to discuss issues, solutions, and tools.
  • Finalize your Quality Plan during the last month, based on information you have learned.

You can learn more about the retreat at LINK

The third option is to work directly with us to implement continuous improvement in your organization. In this case, clients typically have identified a service that they want to improve, but they need the tools to review the procedures and decide how to improve. Procedures are customized to the client and may result in reduction of risks, reduction of cycle time, reduction of costs, or increased quality of services. This work can take 4 to 6 months. See below for details

Purpose of Service: The purpose of this service is to take an existing process and improve its timeliness, reduce its cost, increase its accuracy or reliability, or other goal identified by the client. For example, an organization may be taking 8 weeks to report scores and they want to reduce it to 4 weeks.

Intended Results: With this service, an internal client team will work with a consultant to identify process changes, pilot them, and develop an implementation plan.

Structure: How do we do this? First, we work with management to clarify the problem to be addressed and to select a project team to work on the project. We train the team in tools they need to address the issue. We meet with the team several times a month to review progress, train on the next steps, and address issues. We customize the tools to the problem. We have the team report to management periodically. And we focus on providing communication about the team’s work to minimize resistance during the final implementation.

Do you have processes that might be improved and wonder if they are appropriate for an improvement project? Please contact Dr. Cheryl Wild to discuss the appropriateness of this activity for your organization.

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Dr. Cheryl Wild is President and founder of Wild & Associates, Inc. Dr. Wild helps organizations improve their performance, using her expertise in process improvement, problem solving, outcome assessment, measurement and evaluation.

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