Book Review – Timothy Habick Ph.D.

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Timothy Habick, Ph.D.
Reasoning Inc. Test Development Services

New and recently established assessment programs often need help in evaluating their procedures and products. With limited budgets, small certification programs need to focus first on those activities that are indispensable for any professional testing program, and next on those improvements that will add the most value for their stakeholders. Consumers of assessment products appropriately expect error-free testing experiences, and Improving Testing usefully explores the many, sometimes surprising ways that test users can experience such unsettling errors. I use Improving Testing to guide small assessment programs toward the establishment of an unassailable set of written procedures, appropriate public policies, and professional, error-free test copies. This foundation not only provides them with the confidence that they are headed in the right direction; it also puts them in a position to achieve the ISO certification that is most appropriate for their field.

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