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Roy Swift
Program Director
American National Standards Institute

When I was managing a program, Improving Testing would have helped me better identify what I needed to put into contracts to assure quality from my vendor.

The book provides a roadmap for creating a quality system. Using the roadmap helps a leader think about how you organize in order to achieve quality. Who does your organization interact with (vendors, certificants, test center supervisors, staff)? It points out the importance of leadership in creating a quality culture and values. You can create procedures, but without the people living the values of quality, the people may not implement procedures in a quality manner. The book talks about designing tools based on your standards and this is an important contribution.

It becomes easier for a CEO to know where to take an organization because of the quality system. You are constantly looking at information on quality. This also helps improve efficiency and reduce costs. It helps prevent errors, not just with quality control.

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