Book Review – Liz Koch

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Liz Koch
Chief Operating Officer
Dental Assisting National Board, Inc.

Question: What have you specifically gained from the book?

Answer: A better understanding of how to apply quality processes in a credentialing/testing organization.

Question: Did you expect to find the book practical? Was it practical

Answer: I believe this is the first quality book specifically written for testing organizations. Due to this I expected to find a general overview of what quality processes are and why they should be used in a credentialing/testing setting. In addition to the general overview, I was hoping to find practical applications of quality processes that have been used or could be used in a credentialing/testing setting. Both of my expectations were met. Specifically, I found chapters 9, 13, 14 and 18 to be very useful. These chapters provided examples that relate specifically to my organization. Since we are just starting to implement formal quality processes, they provided me with frameworks to use and specific questions we should be asking ourselves.

Question: Finally, can you help me complete this thought, based on your own experience?

“Readers of Improving Testing are likely to benefit from the book if…”


  • they are looking for examples of how quality processes can be used in a credentialing/testing organization.
  • they have a basic knowledge of quality processes and are beginning to implement quality processes in their organizations.

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