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Clifford H. Donath

The Donath Group, Inc.

There is no doubt that every reader of Improving Testing can obtain practical benefit from the rich and extensive content of this book. I believe that the beginner in the testing industry can quickly learn key quality components in testing to make a difference, while the experienced professional will be able to more readily attack important improvement areas to focus on for their own practice.

This gathering of valuable contributions on defining the Quality Model, adopting and defining standards, designing and planning Quality processes, and monitoring Quality for continuous improvement with leadership engagement is by far the path to transform the testing industry. These areas of learning should empower and propel the reader to tackle their Quality issues and make a major difference in Improving Testing.

Juran and Deming, et al., quality perspectives have slowly been making their way through the businesses of manufacturing, software development, financial services, hospitality, government services, and health care services for the past 40 years and now it has come to testing in a clearly articulated practical compilation. Cheryl Wild and Rohit Ramaswamy have gathered the contributions of leaders in testing on applying process tools and techniques to assure quality and improve the testing business process. This is the beginning of an awakening for the industry to which many testing business leaders have not been fully attuned.

At the center and foundational focus of the quality movement is good measurement. In order to make the good better and the better best, you have to measure, define standards and evaluate for business process improvement. The testing industry uses psychometricians to develop good measurements of competencies and proficiencies but ironically is just beginning to turn this science on its own business processes with this book. In one sense it is a shame that the testing industry has not been leaders in quality improvement when their core science can be applied easily and directly to quality improvement.

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