Improving Certification Workshops Highlights

This program is different. Unlike many retreats and workshops, learning and planning continues after you leave the two day workshop. We focus on learning the basics, identifying where your efforts might be best spent for your individual situation and then planning additional reading, learning, and organizational assessments that will help you lead your organization forward.

“Knowing what I know now, I would recommend that others in certification send at least one influential leader who seeks quality in testing to one of these workshops. Further,in the 90 day follow-up portion of my workshop, I’m looking forward to have put in place a quality management process to one of our concerning areas”

Dania Eter, MBA and certified Six Sigma Black Belt


Steven Barkley, CAE, Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards and Dennis McLeavey, DBA, CFA, CFA Institute

The leaders in the certification world are always the first to recognize the value of a new approach. That’s why they are the leaders! Because they learn faster and actively look for every opportunity to improve their own programs. They really know the value of two full days just to work with Cheryl and other leaders on the most difficult parts of evaluating the quality of work processes in certification programs.

The workshop experience is a total retreat with active exchange of knowledge and understanding of how your organization approaches quality as compared to other organizations. All participants commit to an agreement of confidentiality and non-disclosure so that conversation is open and without concern that ideas, concerns and really tough problems go outside of the workshop group gathered for each session. Conversations flow all day and over dinner each night of the workshop. The work is structured, mixed with open space explorations to expand your individual expertise in the quality body of knowledge.

“In the 90 day follow-up portion of my workshop, I’m looking forward to working with my organization to develop a Quality Management System that will meet the requirements for ANSI/ISO 17024 Accreditation.”

– Steven Barkley, CAE,  Certified Financial Planners Board of Standards

Steve Barkley, CAE, CFP Board of Standards, said, “Knowing what I know now, I would recommend that others in certification minimally send one member of their organization who will be instrumental in implementing an identified quality improvement initiative to one of these workshops. Sending a second representative would provide added value of different organizational perspective, and could facilitate the execution of a second quality improvement initiative.”

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One of the insights during the workshop was the realization that to make improvements to a certification program, errors or defects need to be reduced, and ideally eliminated. Before they can be corrected, however, they need to be identified. Participants commented on the similarity between the process for identifying where errors are occurring in the certification process and the process for developing a modular computer program. With a detailed breakdown of the steps, and the assignment of metrics to the components, the process allows you to see if, and where the improvements are being made.

“The “Wow” element of the workshop for me was the detail about Quality Management Systems.

Your content is very useful and your discussion facilitation created an excellent environment for participants to learn from each other as well as from you.

Building on the workshop and earlier work with Dr. Wild, I’ve been able to provide CFA Institute a recommendation about the application of various accreditation standards for both certificate and certification programs”

– Dennis McLeavey, DBA, CFA, CFA Institute

You will succeed working with Cheryl and other certification leaders at the next workshop if you:

  • Consider an area for quality improvement in your organization in advance of the workshop, and make this your project for the workshop
  • Complete your homework assignment and read the selected chapters in the accompanying text Improving Testing- Applying Process Tools and Techniques to Assure Quality
  • Listen to the input of all workshop participants, contribute your experience, and complete the workshop exercises
  • Participate in the follow-up exercises, including the individual and group conference calls

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