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Improving the Quality of Your Certification Program: A Learning and Planning Retreat and Follow-Up Feature

The Best of Cheryl Wild’s Workshops in a retreat environment, at dates and prices customized to our clients needs! I’m very pleased to offer a workshop that has been developed with the help of my clients to bring a small group of certification professionals together to enjoy a short, intense, interactive version, of the consulting that my clients have individually in their offices.

  • This workshop appeals to do-it-yourselfers and organizations with limited budgets.
  • It provides the opportunity to collaborate with other certification professionals
  • It helps you recognize YOUR priorities and identify steps to achieve them

Through the workshop you obtain the benefits of my consulting in a small group setting and over a three month follow up period

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Just as your certification program covers a body of knowledge, a body of knowledge exists on how to create and improve products and services. “Improving the Quality of Your Certification Program” helps you understand all the aspects of quality and then determine what aspects of this body of knowledge are MOST NEEDED IN YOUR PROGRAM. You develop a Quality Plan – your plan will apply selected quality concepts to your program – a plan customized to your needs and goals.

Why is this an Absolutely Do Not Miss Opportunity?

  • Participants: This is a program designed specifically for those responsible for all or part of a certification program. Small groups of 3 to 6 will allow for customization to participants’ needs.
  • Content: This is an introduction to the process tools and techniques to create and maintain a best-practice, high-quality certification program. It is an opportunity to consider and plan how these techniques might be used in your organization
  • Support: After leaving a retreat or training session it is easy to get distracted, overcome with daily responsibilities, and/or stumped by an issue that is beyond what you learned in the session. Participants have a coach and colleagues and a structure to help you over these common follow-up problem.

In this program you will:

  • Prepare for the retreat through pre-reading, providing some background information concerning your organization and your needs, and participating in a pre-workshop interview.
  • Expand your knowledge during the retreat and plan your follow-up actions to expand your knowledge and inform your Quality Plan.
  • Collect information to inform your Quality Plan during the two months following the workshop.
  • Meet individually at least once a month with Cheryl by telephone to discuss progress and next steps in developing your Plan.
  • Meet once a month by telephone with other participants from your retreat and Cheryl to discuss issues, solutions, and tools.
  • Finalize your Quality Plan during the last month, based on information you have learned.

There’s a good reason to enroll now!

You will get a lot out of this workshop when you prepare for it. Planning includes pre-reading, collecting some information about your organization, and inviting colleagues you would like to participate in your workshop. Participants have suggested that it is helpful to have at least two colleagues from your organization attend a workshop. Others have benefitted from having participants from similar organizations. If you were one of the many who recognize the practical aspects of this workshop and the value of scheduling your participation when you can apply the learnings immediately at your organization, you can get started now by contacting me to plan for an upcoming workshop. These workshops are offered only once a quarter and competitors are not allowed to attend the same workshop. The next workshop is being planned for Mid October– get your spot guaranteed now before it is too late.

Learn to deal effectively with specific challenges facing YOUR program!

This unique 2-day retreat AND follow-up with an experienced certification professional mentor will help you deal effectively with the specific challenges you are facing in your program OR identify ways to further improve your highly functional program. These challenges may include:

  • Accreditation
  • Change management
  • Governance
  • Psychometrics
  • Quality management
  • Security
  • Test administration
  • Renewal
  • Test development and More!

You learn the tools and determine where they apply in your organization.

This is not a hypothetical or theoretical learning experience. Bring YOUR issues and you will receive focused learning and guidance from a certification professional, psychometrician, and quality expert. During the retreat and for the three months after the retreat, you will develop a plan for how you are going to apply your learning in your organization. You will develop your plan within your budget and timeframe.

This is NOT a program that talks about psychometrics – how to conduct a job analysis, how to develop test specifications, how to write test questions, how to assemble a test, how to develop cut scores, or how to equate test scores.

You can learn psychometrics at ICE, ATP, at your state college or university, etc. This program helps you understand how leadership, standards, planning and design, and monitoring and improvement work together to create quality for your customer.

Click here to see what participants are saying about Improving Certification workshops.

Experience and Expertise of the Leader: Dr. Cheryl Wild, designer and program leader, has worked in the testing field for 35 years. Her book, Improving Testing, is the only book that takes quality tools and applies them to the testing industry. Dr. Wild will lead participants through highlights of the book and facilitate the development of a plan for each participant to further explore quality concepts in certification.

Are you interested in learning more? If you are interested in exploring the possibility of participating in the three-month adventure of learning how to improve certification and planning how to incorporate these ideas in your organization, please contact me to schedule an individual call to discuss your needs.

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