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Improve the effectiveness of teams.

Teams can improve their effectiveness by using process improvement and problem solving tools. We have taught teams to use various tools to support their work. One team used benchmarking to identify $2 million of new work. Another team identified a solution during benchmarking that is being implemented throughout the organization and is estimated to save the organization $10 million annually. Two Merrill Lynch Six Sigma teams, coached by Dr. Wild, won first and third in the Association for Quality and Participation Team Excellence competition in 2002.

“…you have helped us to understand the importance of ‘human issues’ in team problem solving, and this understanding will improve our team processes in years to come.”
Tony DeMartino
Six Sigma Master Black Belt, Merrill Lynch

Identify and resolve gaps in effective design and delivery of services…

For an association providing certification examinations, we did an audit of the quality control procedures for equating, item analysis and score reporting. From the results of the audit, we identified targets for improvement, trained staff in work process design tools, and helped develop work procedures and checklists. The documented procedures have improved the training of new employees, prevented errors in score reporting, and assisted the organization in meeting ISO 9000 requirements.

“Dr. Wild’s assistance in developing these problem-solving skills and an attitude of professional skepticism are most appreciated and I have every faith in her knowledge of problem-solving techniques and her ability to train others as well as she trained my statistical staff.”
Gerald J. Melican
Director Technical and Psychometric Development Examinations, AICPA

Increase reliability and validity of internally designed surveys and assessments…

Through classes and individual coaching on design and delivery of surveys, we have helped organizations improve the effectiveness of surveys designed by internal employees. We also review existing surveys to improve the survey design, sampling design, procedures for improving response rate, and statistical analysis.

“I learned more in a three-hour session taught by Dr. Wild than in a two-day course from another source.”
Dan Bridget
President of Reciprocal International

Provide independent evaluation of work effectiveness…

An advisory committee of a testing organization asked for an independent evaluation of the test questions to see if the questions were really measuring the content specified in the test outline. We designed the evaluation, collected the data from experts in the field, compiled the data, and conducted a panel review of the results. The results showed that the testing organization was doing an extremely effective job of selecting test questions to meet test specifications, and the psychometrician on the advisory committee commended the testing organization for the quality of the study and the openness to self-evaluation and improvement.

“…you have been a pleasure to deal with as well as an excellent problem solver. It is not often that one finds such a unique combination of technical knowledge and excellent consultative skills in one person.”
Carol A. Dwyer
Distinguished Presidential Appointee
Vice President, EPLI

Design appropriate uses of test results in education…

The Department of Education in New Jersey works with multiple testing vendors for their English as a second language assessment. We serve as a psychometric consultant to the state and as an interface with the vendors. We also conducted standard-setting studies to set proficiency standards on these tests in order to comply with Title III of No Child Left Behind. We have conducted workshops with teachers, designed data collection procedures, analyzed data, facilitated focus groups, and written reports.

“Cheryl is very skilled at bringing groups of individuals to synergetic levels so that significant improvement and growth can occur. She possesses many outstanding qualities that naturally bring people together, desiring to and then succeeding in, solving problems.”
Joseph M. Tomaselli
Executive Administrator, QNJ

“Ms. Wild is on my ‘Top Ten’ list of colleagues who have taught me the most during my professional life, through the formal training sessions she has conducted, the coaching I received from her, and the example she provided as an effective executive, facilitator, and decision-maker.”
Felicia DeVincenzi
Center for Education in Assessment, ETS

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