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I am constantly working to keep my clients informed of the latest news regarding certification standards, educational opportunites, and other items that contribute to my overall mission of improving your organization’s effectiveness.  Below you will find links to resources on this website that will help keep you informed.

My blog is continually updated to provide timely and pertinent information that matters to our clients.

The monthly e-zine, Wild About Testing, which is our newsletter aimed at certification professionals interested in continuously improving the certification experience for their certificants and other stakeholders (employers or government agencies that might use the certificate).

Free articles featuring in-depth insight into subjects that matter to organizations and certification professionals.

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ATP 2010 – Innovations in Testing: Get a free copy of the “Fast Tracking Best Practice Assessment Through Task Review”.  Click here to download.

ATP 2007 – Innovations in Testing 2007: ATP Presentation “Continuous Improvement of Testing Processes” by Cheryl L. Wild, Ph.D., Wild & Associates, Inc.; Rohit Ramaswamy, Ph.D., Oriel, Inc.; and David Anderson, Ph.D., Educational Testing Service.  Get a free copy here.

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