ATP Innovations In Testing 2012: Building Quality Communications to Improve Stakeholder Relationships

If ATP is in your plans, we have a great session for you on Monday.

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You’ll find us at ATP Innovations In Testing 2012
February 26-29th

Westin Mission Hills Resort and Spa, Palm Springs, CA

Building Quality Communications to
Improve Stakeholder Relationships

Breakout Session Monday, February 27, 2012
4:00 PM – 05:00 PM


How often do you think of using stake holder communications as a tool for developing a high-quality testing program? Well-planned and well-executed communications programs are a critical ingredient to building quality. This session will present examples of how the quality of your testing program can be improved using effective communication. The first presenter will discuss how effective communication can increase the validity of a certification examination, using a new certification organization as an example. The second presenter will discuss a project to improve the messaging process concerning external examinations communications in terms of timeliness and meeting stakeholder needs. Examples will include identifying stakeholder groups, consistently building communication messages across multiple communication vehicles (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, newsletters, focus groups, email), identifying communication needs, and planning who and when  the message and/or communication will occur. To assure that communication is effective, a quality program will also provide feedback loops and ways of measuring effectiveness. Ideas for measuring the quality of your communications will also be discussed by the third presenter. The third presentation will use two different case studies to illustrate the use of feedback loops and measuring the effectiveness of communication.


Cheryl Wild, President – Wild & Associates

Dania Eter, Associate Director, NCSBN Examinations – National Council of State Boards of Nursing

Georgia Patrick, President – The Communicators, Inc.

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Building Quality Communications to Improve Stakeholder Relationships

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